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WARNING!  This post is going to be a little long.  It is more for my records than anything else.


My pregnancy with Carson was pretty easy.  I definitely had a lot more aches and pains than I did with my first but all in all it was an easy pregnancy.  I didn't get as big with Carson as I did with my first Pregnancy with Cohen but I did gain a little more, not sure how that worked.;)  With Cohen I swelled up like a balloon.  With Cohen I was so swollen I went up two shoe sizes.  With Carson I still got a little swollen but more like the average pregnant woman.  My goal while I was pregnant was to take a photo every month but that didn't happen.  I did take a couple though.  The first is of me 6 months or 26 weeks and the second is of me full on 9 months its not the best but I thought it was cute because Cohen snuck in.

The Sunday before Carson was born I felt my first contraction pains, they ended up being just false labor pains and went away after a couple of hours.  Most people experience "Braxton Hicks,"through out the end of their pregnancy.  I didn't experience any with Cohen or Carson.  On Thursday, March 8, 2012, around 1:00am I experienced  my first "real" contractions with Carson.  They started as a pulsing lower back pain and were not very strong.   I tried to go back to sleep to see if they would go away.  They began to get stronger and sleeping wasn't an option.  So I got up and began getting my bag ready for the hospital, I also got Cohen's things ready for the next day, picked up the house, and straightened my hair.  I wanted to make sure that by time I got to the hospital I was far enough along into labor that they wouldn't send me home.  I woke Jared up around 3am when my contractions were consistently about 7min apart.  I also called my mom to let her know that she needed to come and stay with Cohen while we went to the hospital.  I called her during the break between contractions. "I said mom I'm having contractions I need you to come and stay with Cohen."  She said "ok I'll be there when I take McKay to work."  "No mom, I said, I'm having contractions now!" "Ok she says I can probably be there around 7am." " Mom I need you to come right now!  I'm going to need to go to the hospital soon! " Finally what I was saying set in and she said "ok I'll be there soon."   By the time I got off the phone with my mom my contractions were about 5minutes apart and getting stronger.  About 45 minutes later my contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart and still no mom.  So I called my mom and said or maybe yelled, "where are you?"  She said" pretty close," Jared and I knew that this meant she just left.  I told Jared that I didn't think I could wait any longer I didn't want to get to the hospital and be to far dilated to get an epidural.  So me and Jared did what any good parents would do and we left for the hospital before my mom got there to watch Cohen.  Don't worry Cohen was only alone (asleep) for three minutes.  Once we got to the hospital my contractions began getting stronger and more painful.  For anyone who has never been to the Rexburg Hospital the setup is ridiculous.  From the emergency to the labor and delivery is the weirdest and longest route.  I felt really bad for the tiny little nurse that had to push my fat butt.  I decided to walk.  Once we finally got to labor and delivery I got changed and they checked me and I was at a 6.  I passed the test and I was far enough dilated to actually get my own room.  My first couple of nurses were sure cranky.  You see the problem with entering the hospital at 5am(the exact same time I got there with Cohen too) is that you get the nurses that are on the last hour of their shift.  On the plus side you get a fresh batch of nurses at 6am.  Back to my story.  I asked the first nurse when I could get my epidural she snapped at me and told me that there were a lot of people having babies that night and I would have to wait.  This is not the best thing to say to a woman in labor.  Around 6am and a couple of cranky nurses later I got an amazing nurse!  She checked me and I was dilated to a 7.  By this point the contractions were horrible and I was almost in tears and quickly forgetting how to breathe.  To all you woman who go natural I really don't get don't get how you do it!  I am such a baby!  I seriously thought I was going to die!  I kept saying "I can't breathe! I Can't breathe!"  The nurse assured me that I was indeed breathing and tried instructing me on how to breathe through a contraction.  The epidural finally set in.  But just when I thought relief was insight my blood sugar dropped really low and I became extremely nauseas and began to vomit.  The nurse then gave me a delicious ice and peach drink to help my blood sugar.  My labor was progressing really well.   The only thing was is that I had strep B and had to have at least 2 rounds of medicine pumped through me before I could deliver the baby.  Strep B can cause sickness in the baby and even death if the baby is delivered without the medicine.  The nurse didn't want my labor to progress for a few more hours so they opted to not break my water.  The next few hours I just talked and laughed with the nurse.  The hospital staff thought I was so friendly that they asked if the nursing students would watch my delivery.  Sure come on in I told them.  By time the strep B medicine was complete I was dilated to a 10 my water broke and I was ready to push.  I pushed for an hour when they realized that the baby was turned wrong.  The midwife had me turn on my side.  This did the trick after about 5 or 6 more hard pushes Carson was born and began crying loudly.  It was 11:30am  My first reaction was he's so small and then I took another look and thought actually he seems kind of big.  Carson was a very solid little guy and weighed 8ibs and was 191/2in. long.  I felt a familiar love for Carson.  When I had Cohen I felt an overwhelming love I had never felt before because he was my first.  With Carson it was a love I already new, a mothers love, a love that is more amazing than any other feeling in the world.

Just a cool little side story to Carson's birth is that my mom was able to be there to watch his birth.  For those of you that don't know my mom has cancer and has been going through chemotherapy.  After you have chemotherapy you aren't suppose to pick up small children for a few days because there is a chance the chemo can get on the child.  I was worried that I would have Carson on the wrong day and my wouldn't be able to him after he was born.  My mom was scheduled for chemo the day Carson was born and Carson came right before she had to go in for her treatment and she was able to be there and hold him.  I'm so thankful that I could share this special moment with my mom.  Love you Mom!

We didn't officially decide on Carson Lee Iverson's name until the day after he was born.  It was between Conner and Carson.  His middle name was going to be Craig my dad's name but we decided Lee, which is Jared's middle name and his mothers maiden name, sounded better.


Cohen wasn't sure what to think of his new little brother.  When he saw Carson's sore little circumcised penis he grabbed his  own penis in pain and said, "his penis is broken."  When the nurse came in Cohen said, "thats my baby and he has a broken penis."

We had professional pictures taken of Carson at 1 week old.  Kassie Crapo did a fabulous job!


Katie said...

I love hearing birth stories! YAY! That's so cool that your mom could be there. My mom was there with James, (Brennan came so quickly there was no way she could have been there) it really is wonderful to share the experience with your mom. :) (And I had a similar conversation with my mom when I called her that early in the morning. Haha.)

InonunderDirt5150 said...

Mutilation not circumcision.

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